That’s MY baby…


I am sure a number of you were wondering if I would post an article tonight, as my Mom did die this week, and we buried her this past Friday. To say that my heart is in a million pieces, would be a slight understatement. I know that the days are going to be long this week, and the next week, and the next…However, one thing that my Mama always taught me was to honor my commitments, and I committed to each of you that I would write a weekly article for at least one year. So here goes…

My Mama told me a number of years ago that each of us children (there are four) were “planned,” and our births were looked forward to with great anticipation. She said that she and Daddy viewed each pregnancy as a “sacred event,” a special gift from God. There has not been one moment of my life that I did not know how proud she was of my accomplishments, or of me as a person. Even as her disease progressed, she would ask me, “How many people did you speak to today?” I would tell her the number. She would then ask about the audience’s response to my presentation. Sometimes I would say, “well, they want me to come back…” or I would say, “I got a standing ovation in New York City!” She would just be thrilled and would ALWAYS say, “That’s MY baby!!”

No matter how old I got, it was wonderful to hear the pride in her voice and to know that I was still considered someone’s “baby.” It has been hard for me to understand, and imagine, a parent not letting their child know their worth and value. I know individuals who have never known that support, acceptance, pride and warmth from a parent. So HARD to believe…

During my Mother’s wake/visitation, one of my great nephews came up to hug me. (He’s a senior in high school this year.) I loved on him and asked about some of the activities in his life. He proceeded to share his school and sport accomplishments. When he finished, I hugged him again, and said, “That’s MY baby!” He grinned from ear to ear! Someone nearby leaned over and asked him, “Are you going to let her call you a baby?” He smiled, put his arms around me, and proudly stated, “I will always be Aunt Cat’s baby!” So you see, all of us want to be someone’s baby…and we all want to be “bragged on…” our accomplishments recognized and valued.

My little three year old great niece sat down by me at home, after the funeral, and wanted to draw on her “doodle” pad. I asked her what we should draw. She said, “a flower!” She then said, “but I don’t know how to draw a flower.” I explained (and showed) her how to draw a flower. When we got through with it, she was so pleased, and said, “I will go and show Grandpa. He will be so proud!” And I thought again, here is yet another child looking for someone to be proud of her. My brother did not fail her – he bragged and went “on and on” about how wonderful her drawing was.

So, here is my challenge for this week…If you are a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle, a sister, a brother, a friend – ANYBODY, let the children and young adults in your family (world) know that they are valued, loved, and worthy…let them know that you are proud of their accomplishments and of them! Say to them, “That’s MY baby!” That’s what I will be doing…Won’t you join me? Just for this week…


2 thoughts on “That’s MY baby…

  1. Jo Beth Crout says:

    I do believe that mother planted a seed deep inside of me. I have always attended and supported my children and grandchildren life activities. My grandchildren know that I have always been there for them. I have never missed any of two of my granddaughters dance recitals except for 1. They have been dancing for a long time since they were 2 or 3 and now they are 14 and 11. My grandson who is a senior this year plays baseball for his high school and doing extremely well. He asked me to come and see him play this year. Of course, I told him that I would be there. This is so important. I have a beautiful granddaughter that I call my Georgia peach. She is learning how to play the piano and is so involved in her church. I have another grandson who is so sweet and thoughtful. He is very smart in school. I also remember when my sons were small that I attended their ball games and other activities they were involved in. Both of my sons are wonderful fathers. Now where did they get that from! Yes, I lost my mother this past week but I know where she is now. After she was buried, I have tried to sleep but dreamed crazy things like someone stole my purse or I would think I would hear the telephone ring and none of this occurred. I suppose it is the painful part of grieving over a precious mother. She made me who I am today. I am so thankful to her. I can still see her smiling and I know that I will be ok.

  2. Cat,
    Your posts are so heartwarming…I cry every time I read them. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories and know that you are so very much loved by those of us that are lucky enough to have you as a friend!

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